Coming Soon!

eVocab Pro is in it's final stages of development and will be released in December. As well as all the benefits of eVocab Lite, eVocab Pro offers the following to users:

  • Google Translate facilities: add words using Google's translate tools;
  • Test enhancements: tests store meta-data about your ability to spell words as well as words you have problems recalling - such words are labelled problem words. When taking tests, problem words are tested first, constantly until the user becomes familiar with them, reinforcing the user's recall and memory of the word;
  • Vocabulary highlighting: words that you spell incorrectly are highlighted orange in your vocabulary, such that words 'jump out' at you to enhance recall. Words that fail regulary are highlighted red. Weather symbols - sun, sun with clouds, clouds, rain and (finally) thunder are marked next to words in your vocabulary to show you how often you have problems with such words; and
  • View test results: your test results, along with the time you took the test, what percent you got and how well you are doing are stored for your viewing. Weather symbols are associated with test results to show how you are doing in your tests at-a-glance. Learning new languages can be very difficult, so watching your test results go from low (thunder and rain), progressing through to clouds, clouds with sun can be a confidence booster especially when the test results go to sunny!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November...

Version 1.0 released. See eVocab Lite here.